Family Love

These guys make everything alright. Our quiet evening walks mean the world to me. Even when life gets crazy and stressful, everything is ok because we're all together. After a crazy couple days, we are having a well-needed rest this weekend. Today consisted of church, a couple coffee runs, a few donuts, and Parks & Rec reruns on repeat while Max naps. Just what we needed today. Gonna go soak up the rest of this beautiful Sunday <3 nbsp="" p="">


Little Light

My little 15 month old angel. I keep looking at him and thinking, "Man, he looks so much older today." I feel like he's been having so many growth spurts and is changing so quickly before our eyes. And his personality is coming out strong lately. He is such a funny kid! I feel like he's gonna be that kid who does anything to make people laugh. Tonight in the bath, he grabbed a bar of soap and put it in his mouth. I laughed and tried to take it away from him. He went on to put it back in his mouth and started cracking up. Which made me crack up. Which made him want to eat the soap even more. Whoops. I guess we can scratch off the whole "wash your mouth out with soap" punishment because...he doesn't seem to mind it!

I definitely fall in love with him a million times over every single day. How is that even possible?! I love my little goofball so much. Light of my life, that one. 



Well. We've found it. The perfect cafe. It's a place called Malvern Buttery and let me tell ya...it. is. amazing. The pastries are ridiculously good and the coffee is outta this world. It feels like we're at a New Zealand cafe, which is saying a lot! Not to mention there is a little area for kids with books and toys. We love grabbing a few books and getting cozy on the couch with Max. We have gone there pretty much every weekend since we discovered it. Since I work all week, we always make it a point to go out together as a family on the weekends. Otherwise, life gets too busy and we forget to do the fun things! The weekends are a nice reminder of how special our time together is.


Farm Fun

We spent our 4th of July weekend at our friends' house outside of the city. They live on a beautiful piece of land with a little lake and some chickens. We had the best time running around for hours on end. Max loves having his freedom, so country life suited him well ;)

I think one day we'll buy a tiny house, do it up, buy some land and have a farm. That's a dream of ours. To have a little piece of land to call our own, with minimal possessions and a slow pace of life. But for now, we're enjoying our time in the city. And we honestly don't even live right in the city. It's more of a suburb, with lots of families walking around and people saying hello to each other. It's a beautiful stage of life, but I can't wait to own our own little farm someday.



Dress: Anthropologie, Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, Bag: Scout & Catalogue
Max's shirt: Camp Wolf, Shorts: Childhoods

The best part of my day is our evening walk. After working all day, there's nothing better than hearing Max's feet running toward me. We usually eat dinner and head out the door to let Max run off the rest of his (seemingly endless!) energy. It's a perfect time for us to catch up and spend quality time together. These nights together are really special. I feel like wherever we go, we always make friends. People are always smiling at Max, who is usually cheesin' hard at strangers....especially ladies ;) Boy, do I love my boys.



We went to this beautiful nursery called Secret Garden this morning. I've been trying to keep more plants inside our apartment, so I figured we'd stock up on greenery. We found a cute place near us that was packed to the brim with beautiful greens! We walked away with about 6 plants, but I'm already planning on going back for a few of those cute cacti. Max had a blast running around, trying to play in as much dirt as possible...which meant a lot of us running around, trying to prevent any plants from ending up on the ground! It's always a hands-full adventure with that kiddo. 

Happy weekend, y'all! Go buy some plants and make a beautiful indoor garden for yourself!



We spent a rainy afternoon together, walking to the park and looking at beautiful roses. My mom and aunt were in town this weekend, which was wonderful. It's always tough being in a new city with no family around. So anytime we get visitors, we soak it in and try to show them around our city as much as possible. We went to the Liberty Bell and took a carriage ride through downtown, hearing about all the history of this city.

Max loved being around them. It was so special to watch my mom playing with him, realizing that I play the same games with him. It's amazing how much of your childhood remains with you, without even realizing it; the little games you used to play, the secret hiding spots in your parents' home, the trees you climbed, the family traditions that you've carried on into your own life. Becoming a parent makes you aware of every little part of your life because those things will inevitably become part of your child's life. I try to take extra time to sing little songs to Max and throw his towel in the dryer for after his bath and let him get messy playing in puddles and read books to him everyday. I hope that he has the happiest memories from his childhood. I consider myself lucky to have had a wonderful childhood myself. I want with all my heart to give the same thing to him.