We went to this beautiful nursery called Secret Garden this morning. I've been trying to keep more plants inside our apartment, so I figured we'd stock up on greenery. We found a cute place near us that was packed to the brim with beautiful greens! We walked away with about 6 plants, but I'm already planning on going back for a few of those cute cacti. Max had a blast running around, trying to play in as much dirt as possible...which meant a lot of us running around, trying to prevent any plants from ending up on the ground! It's always a hands-full adventure with that kiddo. 

Happy weekend, y'all! Go buy some plants and make a beautiful indoor garden for yourself!



We spent a rainy afternoon together, walking to the park and looking at beautiful roses. My mom and aunt were in town this weekend, which was wonderful. It's always tough being in a new city with no family around. So anytime we get visitors, we soak it in and try to show them around our city as much as possible. We went to the Liberty Bell and took a carriage ride through downtown, hearing about all the history of this city.

Max loved being around them. It was so special to watch my mom playing with him, realizing that I play the same games with him. It's amazing how much of your childhood remains with you, without even realizing it; the little games you used to play, the secret hiding spots in your parents' home, the trees you climbed, the family traditions that you've carried on into your own life. Becoming a parent makes you aware of every little part of your life because those things will inevitably become part of your child's life. I try to take extra time to sing little songs to Max and throw his towel in the dryer for after his bath and let him get messy playing in puddles and read books to him everyday. I hope that he has the happiest memories from his childhood. I consider myself lucky to have had a wonderful childhood myself. I want with all my heart to give the same thing to him.


Lazy Saturday

Weekends are (obviously) my favorite. No agenda. Usually nowhere we have to be. Just a whole lot of time together, shootin' the breeze and kissing Max as much as he will tolerate. We usually watch some cartoons in the morning while he has breakfast. He is currently obsessed with Curious George and Paw Patrol. We live right by a fire station, so he loves fire trucks and sirens. Our local firemen are so sweet and wave everytime they see Max staring at their trucks. The other night, they even called us over to have Max sit in the driver's seat! It was the sweetest thing. I love how friendly people are when we're out and about with him. People are always smiling and waving at him. It makes living in a new place a bit easier when even strangers are friendly ;)

Now, can we please just hit the pause button on the weekend? K, thanks.


Another Day at the Park

Dont worry, guys. I know you were dying to see more photos of us at a park. At this point, parks are our favorite place to go when we want to get out of the house. It's so easy to just let Max explore to his heart's content in a safe environment. We still go out for coffee and go out for dinner on the odd occasion, but parks are so fun and easy. So, here you go, another post dedicated to our afternoon at the park ;) We were very excited to stumble upon this amazing park in our neighborhood. They have a few baby swings, which Max is growing to love. We went to Smith Playground a couple weekends ago and loved it! If you're in the Philadelphia area, definitely check out this amazing FREE playground. We still love Smith, but it's so wonderful to have this park within walking distance. I'm looking forward to a summer of exploring our city and finding new places to take Max! 


Neighborhood Stroll

The other day, we discovered a really great park right by our apartment. Apparently it was renovated a few years ago with swings, two separate playgrounds, and a little splash pad where water shoots out of the ground. I snapped some photos on the way over (and a bunch of photos once we got to the park, which will be another post!). I love our quiet little neighborhood in northwest Philly. It's close enough to the city where we can easily drive in, but it's still quiet and clean. It's especially gorgeous in the springtime, when everything is blooming! Days like these are my favorite. I could play with Max on a little playground for hours and hours. I love watching him explore and find joy in the smallest things. His current obsession is pushing his stroller around the park. He's so proud of his newfound walking skills and always tries to run while pushing his stroller. A lot of times it ends with a little tumble, but he always gets up and keeps going. We're learning what a determined (and sometimes stubborn!) boy he is already.


Max's First Birthday

all photos except "cake smash" and first 2 photos by Emily Sellers 

On April 2nd, we celebrated our little boy's first birthday. Both sets of grandparents were able to be in town for it, which was very special. Tim's family was in town for three weeks from New Zealand, and my parents were in town from Chicago. We all haven't been together since our wedding, SIX YEARS ago! Needless to say, it was very special and we all had a blast. Max had a ton of presents to open, lots of balloons to play with, and plenty of cake to smash in his face! It was so fun showering him with all the toys and treats throughout the day. We weren't sure how he would do with so much attention on him from so many people, but he was loving it. I'm sure it helped that there was a new toy everywhere he looked ;)
He really is such a sweet and funny guy. He will do anything multiple times in a row if he knows it'll make us laugh. Tonight, we were out for dinner and Tim asked him if he could dance (something he just started doing last night). Without hesitation, Max started bopping up and down to the music. It was THE cutest. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing son. This past year has been such an incredible journey. We have all learned so much about each other. It's amazing to see how much he trusts and loves us completely, out of everyone else in the world. He is our little dream boy. 


Shootin' Hoops

We've been going down to our local park in the evenings to shoot some hoops. Tim's parents bought him a basketball while they were in town. We decided to walk to the park and break it in one night. It was a beautifully warm evening, perfect for spending time outside. Tim's parents flew back to New Zealand a couple days ago, so it's bittersweet going through all the photos of our time together. It's never easy being away from people you love, especially when there's a growing baby in the picture. Max is their only grandchild, so it's especially hard for them to be away. But we're hoping to see them soon...it's just never soon enough! Happy Saturday! Hope it's a beautiful one.